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This versatile audio converter allows you to convert from WAV to MP3, OGG to MP3, MP3 to M4A, and even video to audio like MP4 to MP3.

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How to convert audio files?

  1. Upload your audio or even video file.
  2. Choose the audio format you want to convert your file to.
  3. Choose from the optional settings if you want to further customize your file. (optional)
  4. Clicking on "Start" will start the audio conversion.

There are different kinds of audio files, depending on their compression: lossless compressed files and lossy compressed files. Some audio files can use both compressions.

The advantage of lossless compression audio files is the high audio quality. For example, audiophiles will prefer the audio quality of a FLAC file over any lossy audio file. Those files, however, are much smaller in size. Thus, lossy compressed files like MP3 are much wider spread and better supported.